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White tamper-evident cap with integrated reducer.
The reducer, or stilligoutte reducer, has a 2 mm diameter hole.
It automatically adapts to plastic bottles or flasks.

Colour: White
Cap size: 24.25 - Ø 32.2
Materials: LDPE/HDPE

Possible uses: the bottle or flask is turned upside down to release the product, using varying degrees of pressure depending on the quantity remaining.
The cap and its reduction are ideal for creamy, liquid or oleaginous products.

How does the capsule's tamper-evident system work?

Once the cap has been fully screwed on, as soon as the bottle is opened for the first time, a small circular Polyethylene (PP) ring will detach from the bottom of the cap and attach itself to the neck of the bottle.

White tamper-evident cap with reducer

SKU: AC28026
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