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White DIN18 tamper-evident screw cap with child-resistant feature.

The bottle should be turned upside down to drain.


Size: 20.4 - Ø 21.7

Material: recyclable PP


Possible use: on a bottle for fluid oils such as essential oils, for medical drops, for trace elements, etc.


We select our co-dropper capsules using a rigorous method that leaves nothing to chance, to guarantee you the best quality.


We can guarantee

  1. effortless drop-by-drop delivery
  2. the tamper-evident and watertight seal of the codi-drop cap

And what's more: this drip cap is easy to clean and therefore reusable.


Please note that depending on the density of the contents, it is advisable to choose the most appropriate cap. Ask us for advice.

Codi-dropper tamper evident DIN18 (E,A,H)

SKU: AC18050
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