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Bottle and jar supplier for food industy

Pots de miel

Our commitment to food industry professionals: 

To protect the health of consumers by providing packaging that complies with regulatory constraints and facilitate the use of bottles, jars, tubes, for a better user experience in order to build loyalty to your brand, and this, thanks to reliable, efficient, innovative, very high quality products.

The expertise of our teams in terms of containers for the entire agri-food ecosystem allows us to be flexible and innovative in order to meet the different demands of our customers.


Glass jars and bottles are naturally the most popular containers in the food industry.

As a supplier of glass jars and bottles, here are some examples of needs we can meet:


  • Bottles for various drinks (screw caps)

  • Jars for jams, honeys, spreads, etc.

  • Jars for pickles 

  • Jars for delicatessen

  • Bottles for olive oils

  • Bottles for fruit juices

  • Mayonnaise tubes

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