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Supplier of packaging for health professionals

Clinique du docteur '

Our commitment to the entire healthcare ecosystem:

To protect patient health by providing primary packaging that complies with regulatory and sanitary constraints, and does so with reliable, effective, innovative, very high quality products.

Supplier of bottles, jars, capsules, ampoules

Whether you are a veterinarian or a dentist, whether you work in a laboratory, a hospital or a clinic, we know the essence of your needs, your product and regulatory constraints.

We bring you advice and assistance so that your project progresses serenely and surely.

Ask us for more information.

Our consultants are here to do just that: to ensure that your experience with ID Labo is the best possible: well, quickly and again.

With over 30 years of experience, we are comfortable with the subject. Our alliances, our certifications, our rigorously applied commitment charter, our innovations, our flexibility have made ID Labo a reference among packaging suppliers for all healthcare professionals. 

Here are some examples of containers (non-exhaustive list as it is constantly evolving)


  • Glass or plastic jars 

  • Glass or plastic bottles 

  • Capsules

  • Ampoules 

  • Suppositories

  • Plastic bottles 

  • Cream tubes

  • jarsPill

ID Labo provides high quality glass and plastic packaging, certified by ANSM.


Supplier of accessories and equipments


Do you make your own preparations?

It is important to think about the entire packaging process beforehand: 


  • How should your preparation be administered? With a cannula? A flip-top capsule? A roll-on? In the form of drops? As a diffusion ?

  • What is the best cap for your product?

  • What can I put my capsules in? And how many ? Jar? Blister pack ?

  • ...

Our sales team can help you to answer this question: 

In terms of solutions to your needs, here is an extract of our wide range: 


  • Drip cap for eye drops

  • Lid to close a pillbox

  • Vaporizer spray 

  • Nasal pump 

  • Dropper pipette

  • Etc. 

Prepatory materials

As a reference supplier for health professionals, ID Labo accompanies you from the beginning of the preparation process by offering you equipment dedicated to your activity: 


  • Porcelain or wood mortars & pestles

  • Water bath containers

  • Graduated test tubes

  • Wash basins

  • Gas refills

  • Labels

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