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Bottle supplier
for cosmetics and perfumes

Bouteilles de parfum

Our commitment to the cosmetic industry and perfumeries:

Protect the health of users by providing containers that comply with regulatory constraints and facilitate the use of bottles, jars, sprays, etc. to offer them a better experience and build loyalty to your brand, your product and this, thanks to reliable, effective, innovative, very high quality products.

Our historical know-how in terms of containers for the entire ecosystem of the beauty industry, and in particular cosmetics and perfumes, allows us to be flexible and innovative in order to respond to the different demands of our customers.

Today, we are committed to an eco-responsible process, as stated in our Charter of Excellence, and are developing biodegradable or recycled solutions whose manufacturing processes respect the environment and the planet.


The packaging that we provide for beauty aims at excellence in terms of quality because they are intended for well-being and protection: 

  • Body care

  • Face care

  • Suncare products in tubes, bottles or sprays

  • Hair products, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, hair sprays, hair masks, ampoules, diffusers, pumps, etc.

  • Elegant perfume bottles with or without spray, the choice is yours

  • Etc.

 You have a need, we have a solution. 

Contact our team who will advise you with all the expertise they have acquired over the years. Sound advice adapted to your needs:

Here are some examples of containers (non-exhaustive list as it is constantly evolving): 

  • Perfume sample tubes 

  • Glass roll on tubes for lips

  • Bottles for perfumes with specific shapes

  • Bottles for shampoos

  • Etc.

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