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Whether it is tubes for toothpaste, tubes for cosmetic creams, tubes for medical ointments or tubes for the food industry, our offer is very wide.



For any particular request: 


It is advisable to ask yourself about the destination and the final use that will be made of it before asking yourself about the characteristics of the tube to choose for your product. 

It is clear that a food tube will not have the same characteristics as a medical tube, there is all our expertise. 

We offer you a wide choice of : 

  • materials ranging from plastic to aluminum 

  • tube capacities from 10 to 200 ml 

  • diameters for the outlets

  • of nozzles 

Il you need advice:

Product information:

The plastic of our closures can be made of PP, HDPE (=HDPE) and LDPE (=PEBD), components classified as the safest products. They do not contain any endocrine disruptors such as phthalates, bisphenol A or styrene.

As a token of our seriousness and confidence in our products, we have asked the ANSM, a major player in terms of public health and acting on behalf of the State, to verify and certify the quality, effectiveness, accessibility and safety of our packaging. See the official certificate. It is not surprising that the results of this verification show our degree of quality requirement.

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