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Suppositories or ovules are an excellent alternative method of administration when it is not possible to use the oral route due to some intolerance. The medication absorbed in this way does not pass through the digestive tract, which can reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

ID Labo offers both pharmacists and pharmaceutical laboratories all the necessary equipment to manufacture suppositories and gynecological ovules.
Individuals who are DIY enthusiasts can also make their own suppositories.

The materials are of high quality and their resistance has been tested to guarantee quality and trustworthy products.

ID Labo also offers glass ampoules, a non-polluting material that constitutes an excellent non-toxic and 100% recyclable packaging, and above all complies with the European Pharmacopoeia.

The ampoules allow to dose perfectly the adequate quantity of products. 
This type of packaging is particularly suitable for medicines, in pharmacies, but also in parapharmacy, phytotherapy and oligotherapy.

And of course ID Labo offers a large range of packaging for these products, whether suppositories, ovules or ampoules.

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