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Bottles supplier
for Pharmacies and Parapharmacies

Intérieur de la pharmacie

Our commitment to the pharmaceutical industry: 

To protect the health of patients by providing primary packaging that complies with regulatory constraints, pharmacopoeia through reliable, effective, innovative, very high quality products.

Supplier of bottles, jars, capsules, ampoules, ovules, suppositories

The expertise of ID Labo's teams,

- our alliances,

- our certifications,

- our well-applied commitment charter,

- our innovations,

- our flexibility,

- our respect of the regulations

have made ID Labo the reference among suppliers of containers and packaging, designed according to the rules of the art, to pharmacies and parapharmacies.

We are therefore able to respond to the various requests that pharmacists and parapharmacists may have, often motivated by certain regulatory constraints or depending on the type of product.


Our sales teams are available to advise you on your needs and constraints.

Here are some examples of containers (this list is not exhaustive as it is constantly evolving, just like the vitamins and food supplements market for sportsmen)

  • Glass or plastic jars for Vitamins

  • Glass or plastic bottles for syrup

  • Pillboxes for capsule medicines

  • Capsules

  • Ovules

  • Ampoules for vitamins

  • Medical ampoules

  • Suppositories

  • Plastic bottles for hygiene products

  • Cream tubes

  • Toothpaste tubes

  • Pill bottles

ID Labo provides high quality glass and plastic packaging, certified by the ANSM.

Supplier of accessories and equipments


Providing containers for pharmacies and parapharmacies is one thing, but the entire packaging needs to be considered: 

  • How should the contents come out? Directly after removing the cap? With a cannula? A cap with valve? A roll-on ? With a brush? In the form of drops ? Diffusion ?

  • What is the best cap for my product?

  • Would a pump be suitable for the thickness of my product?

  • What can I put my capsules in? And how many? Jar? Blister pack?

  • How to pack the ampoules so that they don't break?

So many questions that you must ask yourself beforehand. 

Our sales team can help you to answer them: 

In terms of solutions to your needs, here is an extract of our wide range: 

  • Drip cap for eye drops

  • Lid to close a pillbox

  • Spray for sore throat

  • Nasal pump for rhinitis

  • Syringe pump for dosing quantities of baby syrup

  • Dropper pipette

  • Child safety cap 

  • Roll-on capsule

  • Etc. 

Preparatory material

As a worthy supplier of pharmacists, it is quite natural that ID Labo offers equipment intended for the exercise of their activity: 

  • Porcelain or wood mortars and pestles

  • Water bath containers

  • Graduated test tubes

  • Wash basins

  • Gas refills

  • Labels

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