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The NR14 tapered cork stopper is specifically designed for use as a bottle stopper in the food industry. Made from natural cork, an environmentally-friendly material, this stopper offers a durable solution for hermetically sealing bottles and preserving the freshness of food products.


The NR14 conical cork stopper is used to seal bottles in the food industry. It offers effective protection against oxidation and ensures that the freshness, flavour and quality of the products contained in the bottle are preserved. As a natural material, cork also has insulating properties that help to maintain the optimum temperature of liquids, particularly wines, fruit juices, oils and vinegars, and other beverages.


This stopper is suitable for producers and bottlers in the food industry who are looking to package their products in glass bottles in an environmentally-friendly way. The ecological benefits of cork, which is a renewable and biodegradable resource, respond to growing concerns about sustainability and environmental preservation.




The NR14 conical cork stopper combines aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment, offering a reliable solution for closing bottles and preserving the quality of food products.


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