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The white glass hot water bottle with cap and stilligoutte is an ideal choice for cosmetic products. Made from high-quality glass and available in 15 ml, 50 m, 100 ml, 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1l sizes, this hot water bottle offers an elegant and practical solution for packaging your cosmetic formulations.

The hot water bottle is designed with a transparent white glass, allowing clear visibility of the product inside. It comes with a cap and an NSFP stilligoutte, ensuring hermetic closure and precise dosage of the product.

This glass hot water bottle is perfect for cosmetic products such as serums, oils, lotions and other skin care formulations. It offers protection from external contaminants while maintaining the integrity and quality of your product.

Whether you're a cosmetics manufacturer or a skincare enthusiast, the NSFP Bare White Glass Hot Water Bottle with Cap and Stiligoutte will meet your cosmetic packaging needs, offering a combination of functionality, aesthetics and practicality.

Naked white glass hot water bottle with capsule and dropper

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