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The Marasca white 25cl PP31.5X18mm clear glass bottle is perfect for storing and dispensing a variety of liquids such as olive oil, vinegar, sauces and syrups. It's ideal for professionals in the food industry and DIY enthusiasts alike. It is also suitable for domestic use. It has a capacity of 25 cl with a standard PP31.5X18mm mouth.


The elegant Marasca design will fit in perfectly with your condiment cupboards or why not your collection of alcoholic beverages? Suitable for professional and domestic use. It can also be used for DIY creations such as making soaps, candles and other craft products.


If you're looking for a quality container for bottling your liquids, the Marasca white 25cl clear glass bottle is an excellent choice.


Whether you're a food industry professional or a DIY enthusiast, this stylish and practical bottle will meet all your needs 😉


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