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Grooved screw cap in silver aluminum with integrated gasket, for PP28 ring glass bottles or flasks.

This cap has curved, hemmed or rolled edges.


Color: silver

Cap size: 13.5 - Ø 27.2

Material: aluminum

Possible uses: this cap is ideal for oleaginous and aqueous products: vinegars, oils, liqueurs, spirits, etc.

Please note, however, that this cap is not approved for all aggressive products, such as chemically-reactive products.


What is the PP28 ring?

ROPP - Roll On Pilfer Proof - rings, often abbreviated to PP for Pilfer Proof, are designed to accept a tamper-evident screw cap, i.e. a tamper-evident ring that breaks on first opening.


Why choose caps with seals?

Basically, the gaskets in a capsule are there to guarantee the seal and prevent the product from leaking. However, it's important to ensure that the seal is compatible with the product, so that there's no interactivity between the 2 components. Ask us, we'll be happy to advise you.

Aluminium cap and gasket for PP28 screw ring

SKU: AC28040
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