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VIENNA cap with PP28 tamper-evident ring and bowl gasket


Color: White

Cap size: 24.25 - Ø 32.25

Materials: PP (cap)/PE (cuvette gasket)

Possible use: pharmaceutical cap par excellence for glass bottles.


How does the capsule tamper-evident system work?

Once the cap has been fully screwed on, when the bottle is opened for the first time, a small circular Polyethylene (PP) ring will detach from the bottom of the cap and attach itself to the neck of the bottle.


What is the PP28 ring?

ROPP - Roll On Pilfer Proof - rings, often abbreviated to PP for Pilfer Proof, are designed to accept a tamper-evident screw cap, i.e. a tamper-evident ring that breaks on first opening.

VIENNA PP28 cap with tamper-evident ring and bowl gasket

SKU: AC28023
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