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White tamper-evident drip cap with 28 mm diameter ring for glass bottles.


To extract the product, turn the bottle upside down so that it drips.


Materials: recyclable polypropylene (PP) (cap) and natural HDPE (stem)

Possible uses: on a bottle for fluid oils such as essential oils, for medical drops, trace elements, vegetable oil, etc.


We select our co-dropper capsules using a rigorous method that leaves nothing to chance, to guarantee you the best quality.


How does the tamper-evident system work?

Once the cap has been fully screwed on, as soon as the bottle is opened for the first time, a small circular Polyethylene (PP) ring will detach from the bottom of the cap and attach itself to the neck of the bottle.


We can guarantee :

effortless drop-by-drop delivery

the tamper-evident, leak-proof ring of the co-drop cap

Tamper-proof codi-dropper H.E. ring 28/410

SKU: AC28051
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