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Range of droppers with pointed tip D1 white color.

These fine glass droppers, with a white screw cap to close the bottle properly, of different capacities (30, 60, 100, 125 ml) allow a variable dose of product.

Washable and reusable.

Materials: PVC (nipple) + PP (cap) + glass (measuring tube)

Ring: PP28

What is the PP28 ring?
The ROPP - Roll On Pilfer Proof - rings, often abbreviated to PP for Pilfer Proof, are designed to receive a screw cap equipped with a tamper-evident ring that breaks on first opening.

Possible uses: Suitable for many solutions with varying textures.
Thanks to their optimal quality and their manufacture in conformity with the pharmacopoeia, these dropper pipettes can be used in pharmacy but also in parapharmacy.

D1 Pointed Tip White Dropper

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