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D1 range of black graduated pipettes with pointed tips


These graduated glass droppers, with their black screw cap, come in a range of sizes (30, 100, 125 ml) and enable precise dosing of the product, according to the prescription.

Washable and reusable.


Materials: PVC + PP

Ring: PP28


What is the PP28 ring?

ROPP rings - Roll On Pilfer Proof - often abbreviated to PP for Pilfer Proof, are designed to hold a tamper-evident screw cap, i.e. a tamper-evident ring that breaks on first opening.


Possible uses: adaptable to a wide range of solutions with variable textures.

Thanks to their optimal quality and pharmacopoeia-compliant manufacture, these dropper pipettes can be used in pharmaceutical applications.


Graduated black dropper with pointed tip D1

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