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Non-tamper-proof dropper, black, pointed tip DIN 18 D1


This black glass dropper has a capacity of 30 or 50 ml, and a screw cap with ridges to close the bottle securely. A variable dose of product can be extracted simply by pressing the teat on the top of the cap. To retrieve the product inserted into the glass stem of the dropper, simply press down gently on the teat again to count the drops. To remove the product all at once, you need to press hard on the teat.


What is Evoprene (TM)?

EvopreneTM, made from thermoplastic elastomers, has been around for over 25 years. Since then, the range has been continually developed, revised and refined to meet the most demanding requirements in almost every area of our lives, including the medical sector. Evoprene is one of the most recyclable components in existence.


Materials: Thin drawn glass + Evoprene + HDPE

Ring: DIN18


Possible uses: Suitable for a wide range of solutions with variable textures.

Thanks to their optimal quality and pharmacopoeia-compliant manufacture, these dropper pipettes can be used in pharmaceuticals, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, etc.

Examples: essences, extracts, Bach flowers, oils, aroma concentrates, etc.

Non-tamper-proof dropper, black, pointed tip DIN 18 D1

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