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Our black Bakelite Diam. 68 jointed lid is an ideal choice for industrialists and cosmetics professionals. This lid is designed for use with the DIN68 68/400 ring and is ideal for use with the POJ1001 model.


Manufactured from high quality bakelite, this lid offers excellent resistance to heat, impact and chemicals, making it ideally suited to the most demanding industrial and cosmetics companies. Bakelite is also renowned for its high resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a long product life.


The lid is fitted with a rubber gasket that ensures a perfect seal, as well as preventing the loss of liquids or gases, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring a reliable seal. All in all, it's the ideal lid for providing a completely airtight package for your beauty or food products!


With a diameter of 68mm, this lid is perfect for bottles or containers with a DIN68; 68/400 ring. Its black colour adds an elegant, professional touch to your finished product.

Sealed black Bakelite lid Diam. 68 for POJ1001

SKU: AC0069
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