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The TWIST OFF WHITE lid is THE closing system par excellence for your food jars. Made from tinplate, this lid offers unrivalled tightness. This is due in particular to the presence of polymer, not to mention the fact that it is coated with white varnish to protect the contents of your jars and give the container an aesthetic edge.


This white twist-off lid has no metric screws. So you'll need to be careful when closing to avoid exceeding the screw threads. It's ideal for the food industry, but also for anyone looking for a reliable lid for their jars of jam, honey, sauce or other DIY preparations.


A few tips for closing your jars with a twist-off lid:

- Carefully clean the mouth of the jar after adding the product to be preserved.

- Turn the white twist-off lid clockwise, firmly but not too hard.

- Make sure that the thread never exceeds the molding line of the opening.


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