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DOUCEUR aluminum bottle,  to screw (cap not included).

The caps can be multiple: simple, atomizers or pumps for larger bottles (for sale on this site).


These aluminum flasks or bottles resist  corrosion and protect the  contents from lightThey are therefore perfect for cosmetics, parapharmacy and food.


Capacity: 50, 100, 200, 250 ml (500 ml out of stock)

Material: aluminum*

Color: silver


50m: 80 - Ø 35

100ml: 140 - Ø 35

200ml: 168 - Ø 45

250ml: 175 - Ø 50

Possible uses : ideal bottle for liquid creams, oils, liquid soaps, but also alcohols, disinfectants, drinks, all water-based liquids and cosmetics.




SOFT aluminum bottle

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