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The white oval glass bottle offers a capacity of 200 ml, ideal for storing a wide range of products such as essential oils, perfumes, lotions, serums, liquids, etc.


The 200 ml oval white glass bottle is made from high-quality glass, giving it excellent resistance to shocks and scratches. What's more, glass is an environmentally-friendly and recyclable material. This makes it a sustainable choice for packaging your products.


The 200 ml oval white glass bottle features an elegant, neutral white color, suitable for all types of products and brands. The white color can also help protect light-sensitive products, as it reflects the sun's rays and reduces the degradation of active ingredients.


The unique oval design of the 200 ml oval white glass bottle makes it easy to handle and store. Its ergonomic shape also facilitates product pouring and application.

White oval glass bottle 200 ml

SKU: VBO0200
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