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The 125 ml glass and polypropylene faceted bottle with white P5 cap is fitted with a white P5 cap. Its unique, elegant shape makes it an ideal choice for gifts or luxury items. The bottle is suitable for cosmetics, essential oils, personal care products, household products and more. But the 125 facet bottle is very popular with perfume shops, and understandably so, because it's a very classy container that adds the note of sensuality required for these products.


It complies with European Europa 5 standards for the safety of glass and plastic containers. The faceted bottle is easy to grip and gives the products an attractive look. Polypropylene ensures enhanced resistance to shocks and scratches. The white P5 cap ensures hermetic closure and easy opening for practical use.


Dimensions: overall height (with cap) - 144.6 mm, bottle height (without cap) - 121 mm, diameter - 55.3 mm. This means it can be adapted to a wide range of products.

FACETTE 125 bottle with white P5 cap

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