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The 125 ml "Elixir" crystal PET bottle is an ideal choice for storing and presenting your liquid products in an elegant way. Made from high-quality, crystal-clear PET (polyethylene terephthalate), this bottle offers exceptional clarity that will highlight the contents of your product. Its 125 ml capacity is suitable for a wide range of cosmetics, beauty products and essential oils.


The "Elixir" bottle boasts an elegant, refined silhouette, adding a touch of luxury to your products. Crystal-clear PET is impact-resistant yet lightweight, making it easy to transport and use every day. What's more, this bottle features a hermetically sealed screw cap to ensure a perfect seal and prevent leaks. In short, its practical design makes it easy to use every day.


Whether you're in the cosmetics industry or looking for an elegant bottle for your own creations, this "Elixir" crystal bottle will meet your expectations!

ELIXIR 125 ml PET crystal bottle PDST

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