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The PLM 2.5-litre bottle with blue cap is a high-quality glass bottle designed for industrialists and DIY enthusiasts. The bottle is fitted with a blue cap that hermetically seals the bottle and ensures the safety of the contents.


Made from high-quality glass, the PLM 2.5 L bottle with blue cap is impact and scratch resistant, making it ideal for industrial use. The glass is also highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, making it the perfect choice for storing liquids and chemicals safely. With a capacity of 2.5 litres, the bottle is large enough to store a large quantity of liquid or chemical.


The PLM 2.5 litre bottle with blue cap is easy to use and maintain. The blue cap is easily screwed onto the bottle to ensure a tight seal, while the glass is easy to clean and sterilise for safe re-use.

2.5 litre PLM bottle with blue cap

SKU: VJR2500
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