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Round plastic TANGO bottle (optional cap)

Screw-top bottle onto which several caps can be fitted as required: a pump for shower gel, for example, a reducer, a spray, etc.

Excellent bottle for use in cosmetics, but also for household cleaning products and pharmaceuticals.


Further details:

Color: white lacquer

Material: high-density polyethylene 5502* plastic

Sizes :

50 ml83.1 - Ø 39.8500 ml169.3 - Ø 70 - ring 28/410 - weight 35 g1 000 ml210.5 - Ø 88.2


Quality guarantees :

- ISO 9001 certification

- ISO 13485 certification

- ISO15378 certification

- ISO14001 certification


* HDPE 5502 is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) offering a good compromise between rigidity and environmental stress crack resistance. It has been specially designed for household, industrial and cosmetic liquids.

TANGO bare plastic bottle

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