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The "LAURA" ring 18/415 PDST clear glass bottle is an ideal choice for packaging your liquid products with style and sophistication. Made from high quality clear frosted glass, this bottle will showcase the contents of your product while offering protection from external influences. Fitted with an 18/415 ring, it provides a hermetic and secure closure. Please note that PDST stands for Direct Pressure Without Witness and the 18/415 corresponds to the diameter of the ring.


The "LAURA" bottle has a classic, streamlined shape, offering an attractive, timeless aesthetic. It is suitable for a variety of liquid products such as lotions, serums, essential oils, perfumes, etc. It can also be used to store and present your fragrances with elegance.


Combining functionality and elegance, the "LAURA" ring 18/415 PDST clear glass bottle is undoubtedly the ideal container for the cosmetics industry and homemade creations. Its transparency will highlight your liquid products.

Clear glass bottle LAURA ring 18/415

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