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THE powder-free nitrile gloves are ideal for industrialists and do-it-yourselfers concerned about their hygiene and their safety. Made fromhigh quality nitrile, these gloves offer excellent resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents.


The gloves are available in four different sizes:S, M, L and XLto fit all hand sizes.


Each box contains100 gloves, providing a convenient amount for regular users. THEnitrile gloveshave several advantages over other glove materials, including: rpuncture and tear resistancefor amaximum protection, excellent tactile sensitivity for better control when handling objects, comfortable and easy to put on for extended wear.


These powder-free nitrile gloves are suitable for a variety of applications, if we only mention the food industry, car mechanics, laboratories, but are also recommended for painting and varnishing work, household maintenance, etc.

Powder-free Nitrile glove (per 100)

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