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The Honey Jar (500 gr) 385 ML TO82 is a 385 ml transparent glass jar, specially designed for storing honey. With a capacity of 500 grams of honey, this jar is ideal for both individuals and professionals in the food industry.


This glass jar is made from high-quality material and features a leak-proof screw-on lid to preserve the freshness and flavor of the honey. The clear glass material offers excellent visibility of the jar's contents, making it easy to check how much honey is left.


The jar is easy to clean and can be re-used many times. It is ideal for storing other products such as jams, sauces or spices.


This glass jar is also suitable for DIY enthusiasts for decorative projects, such as creating lighting fixtures, candles or personalized vases.

HONEY JAR (500 gr) 385 ML TO82

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