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The ORCIO 212ML TO63 is a clear glass container with a capacity of 212 ml. It is made from high-quality glass, making it durable and impact-resistant.


The clear glass allows optimum visibility of the contents, making it ideal for the food industry, laboratories or domestic use. It can be used to store liquids or solids such as food, chemicals, samples, cosmetics, essential oils, etc.


The ORCIO 212ML TO63 is compatible with standard TO63 size closures, allowing it to be used with different types of closures such as screw caps, corks, snap caps or pump caps. This makes it highly versatile and easy to use for different applications.


Because of its capacity and quality material, the ORCIO 212ML TO63 is highly prized by DIY enthusiasts and those who enjoy manual activities. It can be used to create candles, decorative objects, cosmetic or perfume containers, gift or wedding favour containers, etc.


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