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The white glass pommadier with lid is a perfect choice for industrialists and do-it-yourselfers looking for a reliable container for storing and dispensing cosmetics, skincare or other types of beauty products.


The pommadier is available in two capacity sizes: 15 ml and 30 ml, allowing users to choose the size that best suits their needs. It also features a 38 mm-diameter ring that ensures a hermetic seal on the lid, preventing leakage or evaporation of the products stored inside.


This white glass pommadier with lid is a popular choice for cosmetics industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking to create their own skincare products, such as creams, lip balms, essential oils, perfumes and serums. It is also suitable for storing small quantities of spices, herbs, colorants and pigments.


The white glass pommadier with lid is easy to use and clean. It can be reused several times, making it an eco-friendly choice for users looking to reduce their environmental impact.

White glass pommadier with lid

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