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Medium spout cream pump with natural cap for EUROPA 5 ring-bottle, often used in cosmetics.


This modern, aesthetically pleasing pump is used for non-aqueous products. One pressure equals a fixed amount of product.


Thanks to its transparent protective cap, the product won't dry out and unintentional use of the pump is prevented.


Materials: Recyclable polypropylene (PP) and recyclable low-density polyethylene (LDPE).


Possible uses :

- in cosmetics for face creams, body milks, hair serums, gels; for oily products, such as castor oil, argan oil etc.; soapy products, etc.


Matériaux : Polypropylène recyclable (PP) et Polyéthylène recyclable basse densité (LDPE)

Utilisations possibles :

- en cosmétique pour les crèmes visage, les laits corporels, les sérums pour cheveux, les gels ; pour les produits gras, comme l'huile de ricin, l'huile d'argan etc. ; les produits savonneux, etc.

Medium spout pump with translucent P5 cover

SKU: ACP5076
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