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Double-shell cosmetic jar with lid and cover


Colors: natural or "transparent

Capacity: 30 to 500 ml

Size 50 ml: 47.8 - Ø 60.4

Size 100 ml: 55.5 - Ø 71.9

Materials: Polypropylene and Expanded Polystyrene

Information: Expanded Polystyrene is a hard, brittle plastic that can't be recycled in the recycling garbage cans.


With its screw-on lid, protective seal and thick double wall, this jar is ideal for creams, ointments, powders, etc.

Can also be used to make samples, and in pharmacies for medical preparations and ointments.

If you're a DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiast, this jar can hold homemade balms and creams, for example.

Natural double-shell cosmetic jar with white lid

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