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Single-shell cosmetic jar with screw-on lid and seal.

Thanks to its large capacity, this practical jar can be used for all cosmetic preparations (industrial or DIY - Do It Yourself). It can also be used to store food ingredients.

The jar can be easily decorated with an attractive label.


Color: opaque white

Capacity: 250 and 500 ml

Size 250 ml: 62.9 - Ø 84

Materials: Polypropylene (PP) and Expanded Polystyrene (PS or EPS)

Note: PS is a hard, brittle plastic that cannot be recycled in the recycling garbage cans.


Examples of use: jar containers for gels, body scrubs, emulsions (body or face creams, body balms, hair masks, etc.). But also for solid preparations or powder ingredients.

Single-shell cosmetic jar

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