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The brown glass compact with lid is the ideal accessory for storing your favourite beauty products. Made from high-quality glass, this compact is durable and shock-resistant. Its dark brown colour gives it an elegant, refined look that fits in perfectly with your skincare routine. The matching lid keeps your products safe and fresh.


The compact is made from glass, a material renowned for its transparency, strength and durability. Glass is also an environmentally-friendly material that can be recycled ad infinitum. The dark brown colour of the compact gives it a chic, elegant look. The subtle hue makes it easy to match with all styles of decoration and cosmetics.


The compact is available in two sizes: 30 ml and 50 ml. The 30 ml size is ideal for travelling, while the 50 ml size is perfect for everyday use.


The container has a diameter of 33mm, which is large enough for easy and convenient use. The ring is smooth and easy to handle, even for the most delicate hands.


The brown glass compact is perfect for storing and transporting cosmetics such as powders, blushes, serums, essential oils, lip balms and much more.

Brown glass tureen with lid

SKU: POJ0030
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