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PLP Blue overshoes are designed to ensure optimum hygiene in sensitive environments such as laboratories, cleanrooms, hospitals, the food industry and other areas requiring strict protective measures.


Manufactured from high quality PLP (Low Density Polyethylene), these overshoes provide an effective barrier against cross-contamination. With their elasticity and ease of use, they are an ideal choice for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in a variety of industries.


The blue colour makes it quick and easy to identify users wearing these overshoes. What's more, the universal size fits most shoe sizes. Each pack includes 100 overshoes, guaranteeing practical and economical use.


For maximum protection, follow these simple instructions for use:

Make sure your shoes are clean before putting on the overshoes.

Put the overshoes on over your existing shoes, stretching the elastic around the ankle for a secure fit.

Make sure the overshoes completely cover your shoes and soles.

After use, remove the overshoes and dispose of them properly.

Blue PLP overshoes (pack of 100)

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