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The PERFUM SAMPLE TUBE + 1 ML CAP is available in two different sizes: 1 ml and 2 ml. The 1 ml model is practical for testing a new fragrance or for taking a small amount of your favourite fragrance with you when you travel. The 2 ml model is ideal for offering samples to your customers or for keeping a sufficient quantity of perfume for regular use.


The included cap ensures a perfect seal to prevent the perfume from leaking or evaporating. What's more, the sample tube's elegant, discreet design makes it easy to store in a pocket or handbag.


The perfume sample tube + 1 ml cap is an essential accessory for all perfume lovers who want to discover new fragrances or take their favourite perfume home with them in complete safety.

VOLAGE nude bottle in DEPOLI glass 30 ml E5

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