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Flexible white plastic tubes for welding.


ID LABO offers you a whole range of flexible tubes with a capacity of 10 to 250 ml, compatible with numerous screw caps and a wide range of uses: tubes of toothpaste, anti-mosquito cream, but also tubes of caramel, food cream, etc. Overall, the product texture is highly varied: cream, gel, pasty products.


You can also add a small seal to ensure that the product has not been opened before consumption.

The tube is easy to fill from the bottom thanks to its wide opening, and is closed by welding.


These tubes meet the requirements for substances used in the manufacture of materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.


Other details:

Materials: PP cap for high rigidity and excellent antistatic performance; LDPE tube; HDPE collar.

Colour: White


10 ml: 75.7 - Ø 18.85

50 ml: 107.4 - Ø 35.3

100 ml : 144.5 - Ø 39.9

150 ml : 184.5 - Ø 39.9

Flexible plastic tube for welding

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