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We offer you this complete inhaler tube (Stick + inner cotton buds to soak + cap and tamper-evident screw cap), pre-assembled with a comfortable decorating surface. The cap is tamper-proof. Its inhalation orifice is large enough to diffuse the most effective quantity when you breathe in its contents deeply.


Size: 60.6 - Ø 17.92

Colour: white

Materials: polypropylene (recycled and lightweight) and HDPE


Use: essential oils inhaled in aromatherapy (by a therapist or as a DIY solution at home) can be absorbed by inserting the stick inhaler into your nose. Our practical, lightweight stick inhaler is perfect for the whole family and can be carried everywhere, in pockets, handbags, school bags, etc.


How does the tamper-proof cap work?


Once the capsule has been fully screwed on, when it is packaged and opened for the first time, a small circular ring made of polyethylene (PP) will detach from the bottom of the capsule and attach itself to the neck of the inhaler.

Complete tamper-proof inhaler tube

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